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Why not add espresso and cappuccino to the wedding menu? It can be an alternative or an addition to the wine and mixed drinks. Energize your guests before they drive home while providing them an elegant beverage. There are a few companies in the area that can provide this service.
When the wedding is over, take your bridal bouquet to a flower drying specialist who can professionally dry and exquisitely frame your bouquet forever!
Have your engagement photo or other professional shot blown up and framed with matting around the picture. Place this at the door of the reception hall in place of, or in addition to, the guest book and have your family and friends sign around the wedding couple.
Children at wedding receptions need some entertainment, too! Give all the moms and dads a chance to enjoy the celebration.
Purchase disposible cameras, one for every table at the reception, and include instructions requesting your guests take candid photos. Have the cameras collected in the end and get the film developed. Find out what your guests saw and what you may have missed.
Rent a slide projector and have all of your favorite "growing up" photos transferred to slides. Show this presentation, accompanied by a special song, at the reception. Though this can be very emotional and humorous, it is a wonderful way to share your lives with your guests. This is one of the specialty services that
Sounds Like Fun can provide.

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Inspiration -- Chicago
Wonderful World --
Louis Armstrong
Unforgettable --
Nat and Natalie Cole
Just the Way You Are --
Billy Joel
Wind Beneath My Wings --
Bette Midler
Daddy's Little Girl --
Mills Brothers
Through the Years --
Kenny Rogers

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For details on Wedding Ideas and Budget Conscious Tips, please call Sounds Like Fun direct at 1 (800) 609-8679. We have additional information about the tips listed, such as names of professionals who provide these services and "how-to" and "where" instructions.

Over the years we have worked with many wedding professionals. We would be happy to refer you to photographers, caterers, video people, banquet halls and other services.

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I'm sure everyone has gone to at least one wedding reception that seemed to just drag on. The reason for this is usually that at most weddings there is no designated "host". The Bride and Broom are in such demand there is no way they can attend to all the details, and the bridal party and close family are so elated they often neglect many of the guests. Because of this, the timing of events such as the toast, special dances and the like doesn't quite work out. This does not have to happen.

Our partners assume the personality of what you might see in a Maitre 'de at an upscale restaurant. Your Disc Jockey is the perfect "host". A Disc Jockey will work with your photographer and other professionals you have hired to be sure that all the events take place at the perfect time. There are so many little things we do from guiding your guests to the gift table on their arrival, pouring champagne for the toast, to encouraging all the guests to join in a special last dance. Every reception is unique and your Disc Jockey will adapt his personality and style to that of your guests.

At some receptions you will find the DJ getting everyone involved in a conga line, chicken dance, or something just as crazy. Other weddings may require the DJ to be calm and classy, playing mostly romantic selections and being very limited on the microphone. Many receptions are an even mix of both. However you would like your reception to flow, make sure you communicate this to the Disc Jockey and prepare to have a good time!

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Selecting a Disc Jockey

Weddings are one of the most demanding events a disc jockey can work. The broad variety of ages and musical tastes, not to mention the time and money put into the reception, adds to the expectations placed on a wedding DJ. The following should help organize your thoughts and give you some guidelines when looking for the person who is going to be in charge of making your reception something to remember.

How to Find A Truly Professional Company

If the company has been around for a while and is complying with normal business practices, the odds are in your favor that they will do a fine job if simply to protect their good reputation. Check to see if the company carries liability insurance: Many halls require this. Also ask for a few names of banquet halls, photographers, or caterers, that would give you a good referral of the company. Request a brochure on their services. The quality of the literature should give you some insights on the professional nature of the company.


The rates for a professional disc jockey usually fall between a low of $350 and a high of $750 for a four hour affair, with most companies somewhere in the middle. Question a company that is very low in cost, odds are you will be putting the success of your reception at risk in order to save a hundred bucks. If the company you are looking at is in the high end, ask them to justify their cost. You might find you are compensating the DJ for his large sound or lighting system that you have no desire to use, or you might find that there are added services that are well worth the extra cost. Finally, keep in mind all the time and money you already have committed to your reception and the impact a DJ has on how everything turns out. Paying a little more for a much better disc jockey is often a great investment.

Music Selection

Request a list of music the disc jockey will be choosing from that day. Be sure they have a good selection of the types of music you prefer. [Example; if you are big into country, motown, oldies, etc., their list should reflect this.] Many of the better companies will give you a listing of the most popular music for you to highlight. Question a company that can not supply you with a music list.

Choose the Disc Jockey
Whose Style You Feel Most Comfortable With

Once you feel you found an established disc jockey, in your price range, with the music selection you like, make your final selection based on personality. Some disc jockeys like to steal the show. These DJs are always on the microphone and like to be very visible. The other end of the spectrum is the DJ with a lack of any personality who does nothing except play the music. While other companies are a even mixture of the two. Usually you can get a feel for style simply by talking to the disc jockey over the phone.

What to Avoid

The Salesman
This one is all to easy to detect. While there are many great companies in Central Florida, there are also many that simply want to profit off of all the big bucks related to a wedding. To these companies providing a great service takes a distant back seat to getting your money.
The Sub-Contractor
Usually this person is also the salesman. Any service-oriented disc jockey company will look down on this practice. In essence, the company you book with will take your money and then resell your contract to another (often less experienced) disc jockey for a hefty profit.
The Ego
If you do not like the disc jockey's attitide on the phone, (when he is putting his best face forward) you can be sure he will be even worse at your reception. Absolutely avoid any company that tells you they are the best. That's for you to decide.

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