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Sounds Like Fun Orlando Disc Jockey Company is a professionally run service. This is not a hobby for us. We have been entertaining at wedding receptions for many years and we take pride in doing a great job. If you would like more information on our services, or would like to meet with us, please feel free to give us a call.


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We will give you a RECEPTION EVENT PLANNER. This planner will help you organize the events at your wedding reception. You may wish to copy the completed planner before returning it to us, so you can pass it along to your photographer, caterer, and other persons helping you that day. This helps you to shape your reception any way you wish and makes those wishes clear instructions for us to follow.

We have a master library with thousands of popular songs. We will send you a partial list by the most requested artists so that you can highlight your favorites. We also provide you with a list of special love songs, and you can contact us if you you prefer a song not on this list. We will ask you to please note any "must plays".

As Disc jockeys we will choose the actual songs we play based on what your guests most enjoy and the feedback you have given us.

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Wedding Reception Events

Following is a condensed version of what goes on at a wedding reception. We are by no means limited to this format. We work quite a bit with the caterers, photographers, and any other professionals you've hired for your reception to be sure everything runs smoothly. We will also base what we do on how your guests are responding to what is happening.

We usually set up about one hour before the quests arrive.

While the guests arrive, we are playing either a light, popular jazz, classical, or a light, rock-soul and oldies mix. Because your guest are spending this time conversing with friends and relatives that they haven't seen in a while, we try to keep the music low-key and our volumes unobtrusive.

Usually the photographer will take the bridal party for pictures after the ceremony. When the bride and groom do arrive at the reception hall, we usually do bridal party introductions or have a reception line.

Sometime before the day of the reception, we will try to obtain a list of the bridal party and the order they will be appearing in the wedding ceremony. When the bridal party arrives at the reception hall, we will introduce them as they come through the door. This comes across very classy and, although more complicated, takes much less time than a reception line.

This can be done in conjunction with the introductions or alone. The bride, groom, and parents will line up and greet the guests as they go through the line. This is a great time to say "thank you" to all of your guests for attending your special day.

During dinner, we play a light, easy-to-talk-over music.

This is usually done by the best man during or after the meal. We will announce the toast several minutes before it happens so that everyone can be sure to have a full glass.

The bride and groom select this song before the wedding day. We usually play the entire song unless otherwise noted.

The second dance is for the parents of the bride and groom. We usually invite the brides parents up onto the dancefloor to dance
with the bride and groom for the first half of the song. The grooms parents are invited up onto the dancefloor to dance with the bride and groom for the last half. Please note that if there are special circumstances such as step parents, single parents or parents that will not dance, this needs to be discussed prior to event.

We will play another slow song for the bridal party about half way through to give the photographer a chance for photos.

After the first slow songs, we invite everyone to join in and we play an extremely upbeat song. In the beginning of the reception, we usually play a lot of popular classics to get everyone involved in dancing.

This takes place about a half hour after the dancing starts. We will make sure the photographer and the bride and groom are ready, then we will make an announcement for people to gather around the cake.

While the cake is being prepared to serve, we will announce for the single ladies to gather on the dance floor for the bouquet toss. After the bouquet, it's the guy's turn with the garter toss.

This dance is optional. We play a series of slow songs and enclourage the guys to form a line and the ladies to form a line. Some brides prefer gifts to be placed in a basket or purse others prefer pinning.

Toward the end of the reception, we often start playing newer music that will appeal toward the bride and groom's friends. However, we still mix in a few popular oldies to keep everyone involved.

FAREWELL DANCE (A slow dedication to Bride & Groom)
Replaying the "first dance" again so that all of the guests can join in the dance is a nice touch if another song hasn't been chosen.

The Bride and Groom leave the reception site under hail of rose petals or birdseed (rice should not be used).


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Come back soon and see our new additions to the wedding page. We will be adding links to other web pages with useful information for planning your wedding.

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